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Re: Evolution

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 10:01 +0000, John Haxby wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
> >I really am beginning to dislike this version of Evolution. I'm running
> >it on Beta 1; I installed AS beta2 on another box where I didn't
> >explicitly choose much at all by way of extras - jut some server stuff I
> >was surprised to see not selected, not deselect any GUI stuff but,. to
> >my surprise, I didn't get either a GUI email client or a GUI web
> >browser.
> >  
> >
> My personal preference is for Thunderbird, but then I've been using its 
> ancestors for years now and it's hard to break a habit.

Over the years I've used Pine, exmh, kmail, Thunderbird and (a little)
Evolution, first to RHL 7.3 and then on Debian.

I'm trying Evolution more seriously to see why Red Hat thinks it's the
best choice.

> However, are you aware that Beta1 has Evolution 1.5 and Beta2 has 
> Evolution 2.0?   They're somewhat different and  based on my brief foray 
> into Evolution 2 yesterday, it does have some usability advantages over 
> the 1.x series.

I didn't know that.As I mentioned, when I installed AS from beta 2 it
didn't install any GUI email client or web browser.

The default's not a configuration I see me as using and I did make some
adjustments, but really I want to see what RH is offering and

Unfortunately I chose to install the Desktop software selection on an
Evectra with only 128 Mb RAM.

I have looked very briefly at Evolution 2 on Ubuntu, but too briefly to
notice much.

The main reason I've been running E all these years is for the summary
page where I can get weather reports from around the country and
headlines from selected news source.

Which reminds me:
Here is a ripper:

Someone really ought take His Billness in hand.

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