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Re: Adding programs

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, John Summerfield wrote:

It whirred and fizzed for a while (this is a steam-powered computer) and
eventually popped up a dialogue:
"Packages not found."
17 in all, some of them duplicates.

I don't do the GUI admin tool thing much, but that looks like a dependency barf. Umm.. I assume this is system-config-packages giving you the error? (eg: can you run system-config-packages and see if that's the same app as what you were using...)

It doesn't actually offer help in fixing this, just tells me to do it.

In contrast, in Debian (which I've been using for a while) I'd say something
apt-get install strace
and apt-get would find what other packages are needed and offer to install
those too. It would also ask me for the correct CDs.

I expected this to just work, as well as it does in Debian.

It doesn't seem to me that up2date is the answer either.

up2date should work. What exactly does it do wrongly?

What should one do?

go to bugzilla.redhat.com and open a bug about it, probably.

nathan hruby <nhruby uga edu>
uga enterprise information technology services
production systems support
metaphysically wrinkle-free

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