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Re: ssh agent forwarding broken?

Nalin Dahyabhai wrote:

Have you double-checked the permissions on your ~/.ssh directory and its
contents (particularly "config"), and run ssh and sshd with the
debugging options? I can go from one FC3 system to another FC3 system
and back with "ssh -A" without trouble, and the beta contains the same
version of the openssh package.

Yup: ~/.ssh is mode 700, all files within it are mode 600 (including the ~/.ssh/config)


I'm an idiot.

~/.ssh/authorized_keys doesn't contain my own key so the line in the debug output from ssh -ddde (the -e is new for 3.9 it seems) basically says "I've looked in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and didn't find anything and I've checked ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 and still not found anything so I'm falling back to public key or gssapi access". Now I've got my public key in there I can just merrily ssh and scp all over the place and back again.


It's nice to see GSSAPI access in there though ... now all we need is to have it back-ported to RHEL3 :-)


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