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Re: Adding programs

John Summerfield wrote:

Off CD? I couldn't see that from the docs, and on starting up up2date it wants to register, and I don't especially want to do that.
I especially don't want to pull stuff off RHN through my modem when I've probably got a satisfactory version on CD.

Fair point. However, if you're running RHEL then you've bought it (well, not for the beta) and the only way you're going to get updates is through RHN and a modem isn't going to be much fun when you're downloading a hundred megabytes or so of periodic updates. I'm sure I've got a modem somewhere, still :-)

Having said that, the system-config-packages thing should work -- it has a parameter to point it to a directory full of ISO images (--isodir). That isn't your only choice though. system-config-packages is a bit limited though for my liking. My preferred solution, at least the last time I did it, was to mount the ISO images (using -o loop) and create a yum archive. up2date knows about yum archives but I don't recall whether it preferred RHN or yum for local packages -- I installed a version of yum as well.


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