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Re: Adding programs

On Friday 19 November 2004 21:33, John Haxby wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
> >Off CD? I couldn't see that from the docs, and on starting up up2date it
> > wants to register, and I don't especially want to do that.
> >I especially don't want to pull stuff off RHN through my modem when I've
> >probably got a satisfactory version on CD.
> Fair point.   However, if you're running RHEL then you've bought it
> (well, not for the beta) and the only way you're going to get updates is
> through RHN and a modem isn't going to be much fun when you're
> downloading a hundred megabytes or so of periodic updates.   I'm sure
> I've got a modem somewhere, still :-)

I have DSL at work. It's the last 3 Km that's the problem.

> Having said that, the system-config-packages thing should work -- it has

Yeah well...

> a parameter to point it to a directory full of ISO images (--isodir).
> That isn't your only choice though.   system-config-packages is a bit
> limited though for my liking.   My preferred solution, at least the last
> time I did it, was to mount the ISO images (using -o loop) and create a
> yum archive.   up2date knows about yum archives but I don't recall
> whether it preferred RHN or yum for local packages -- I installed a
> version of yum as well.

I'm going round in circles here. I think I'll boot my beta2 CD set and try an 
upgrade. While I'm at it I'll look for yum apt-get, strace....


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