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Re: Adding programs

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, John Haxby wrote:

Having said that, the system-config-packages thing should work -- it has a parameter to point it to a directory full of ISO images (--isodir). That isn't your only choice though. system-config-packages is a bit limited though for my liking. My preferred solution, at least the last time I did it, was to mount the ISO images (using -o loop) and create a yum archive. up2date knows about yum archives but I don't recall whether it preferred RHN or yum for local packages -- I installed a version of yum as well.

Personally I wish they would add the ability to grab packages via a HTTP URL. ISO and NFS are all well and good, but adding HTTP would be much cleaner in my opinion.

"Given enough time, all legal battles in the tech industry will invoke the DMCA. This generally means that all constructive arguments have ended."

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