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konqueror smb problem

Hi to all,
I have problems to access samba shares by konqueror. The error is
"unknown protocol smb" and I have been searching the "kio_smb.so" file
and I don't found it. I've another computer with beta 1 and this file
exist. If I do, in beta 1 machine, a rpm -qf /usr/lib/kde3/kio_smb.so
the result is the packet kdebase-3.3.0-3. But if I do a rpm -qlp
kdebase-3.3.1-4.i386.rpm (this packet is from the beta 2) this file is
not there. I have installed all the rpm file of beta 2 that have
reference with kde, but the konqueror doesn't known the smb://

I know that the file "kio_smb.so" is necessary for allow konqueror to
browse smb shares. Know anyone wich packet I have to install to have
this kioslave working ? I had been searching in the web and I find
that this file shuld to be in kdebase rpm. Could this to be a bug for
a beta 2 ?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english :-)

Oscar Nogales Repiso
Departamento de Sistemas y Comunicaciones
Brújula Telecom
T. +34 971 433 909 - F. +34 971 433 910
En el corazón de su negocio

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