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Re: kudzu auto mode

Jeff Lane said:
> The problem I see with what you want is that setting defaults is an
> annoyance, from my POV.  I really dislike it when some piece of
> software makes assumptions on what I want.
> The biggest annoyance I can see is say you have a new NIC that you
> install, you start the machine, and then walk away.  Kudzu will
> launch, see it, and configure it wiht defaults, which, since you arent
> present to counteract any of this is something like this:
> onboot=yes
> bootproto=dhcp

In most Corporate Networks, DHCP is a pretty safe assumption.  You can
configure dhcpd to force a certain IP to a certain MAC address and to
ignore any MAC Addresses that don't have a forced address.  As of dhcpd
3.0 there are failover capabilities.  I've yet to hear any (good) reasons
to not run DHCP for workstations.  Servers though are another matter.

> insert correct module in modprobe.conf, etc...
> so now when you come back and reboot the machine, bam, you sit for 15
> minutes waiting while the NIC tries to grab a DHCP address from a
> nonexistant dhcp server (because you dont run DHCP on your network).

Granted, the delay waiting for a server response (or even to realize that
the cable is unplugged) is somewhat excessive, err on the side of caution
I guess.

> Another problem is what happens after the initial config?  Given the
> same scenario, Kudzu configures the device, updates its tables, thats
> it.  No reminders that it was configured automatically, and that you,
> the user, should go back and double check the settings to ensure that
> what Kudzu chose is what you want...

Kudzo should be logging the configuration, what other non-intrusive,
non-annoying reminder were you desiring?

Jay Lee
Network / Systems Administrator
Information Technology Dept.
Philadelphia Biblical University

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