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Re: kudzu auto mode

I can agree with both of you, having been there, even if only briefly.
 But I wasn't arguing the merits of DHCP usage...

On that front, Yes, it is a lot more convenient, AND you can be as
safe as you can with DCHP by assigning only to particular MACs, but if
you are going to go through all the trouble of adding individual MAC
addresses to a DHCP service, whats the point of the original request,
which is an assumptive Kudzu...

My whole point was just that its not really cool, IMO, to have the
software making assumptions about what you want for configuration.  On
a home network where an end user actually needs something like XP's
network wizard, then yes, I can see that, but in any sort of corporate
environ, it just seems like bad form to have software making
assumptions when it coems to hardware configuration.  The config
should either be done manually by an admin, (how often in a corporate
setting are you really going to need Kudzu anyway?, granted that is
NOT considering workstations, as servers generally do not have
frequently changing hardware) or if done automatically, should be done
by DHCP by MAC for network cards, or by kickstart script that has been
tested and tested for accuracy...

But thats all just my opinion, and admittedly, I have never come
across a situation where I actually NEED or even WANT kudzu for any
purpose.  In fact, Kudzu has alwasy been one of the very first things
I turn off on a new install... but thats just my opinion...

Maybe its just a "Fight the rise of the machines" thing... hehe...


------------------> Jeffrey Lane - W4KDH <-------------------
                    Yet another IT Ronin

The internet has no government, no constitution, no laws, no
rights, no police, no courts.  Don't talk about fairness or
innocence, and don't talk about what should be done.  Instead,
talk about what is being done and what will be done by the
amorphous unreachable undefinable blob called "the internet
user base." -Paul Vixie

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