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Re: kudzu auto mode

I am not asking it to be default, I am only asking for an extra option, that can be enabled/disabled in say /etc/sysconfig/kudzu.

Jeff Lane wrote:

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:54:02 +0100, Grant Williamson
<traxtopel fastmail fm> wrote:

I mean just the basic config. i.e. for a network device ... update in
hwconf, alias of ethX in modules.conf & creation of ifcfg-ethX.

The problem I see with what you want is that setting defaults is an annoyance, from my POV. I really dislike it when some piece of software makes assumptions on what I want.

The biggest annoyance I can see is say you have a new NIC that you
install, you start the machine, and then walk away.  Kudzu will
launch, see it, and configure it wiht defaults, which, since you arent
present to counteract any of this is something like this:


insert correct module in modprobe.conf, etc...

so now when you come back and reboot the machine, bam, you sit for 15
minutes waiting while the NIC tries to grab a DHCP address from a
nonexistant dhcp server (because you dont run DHCP on your network).

Another problem is what happens after the initial config?  Given the
same scenario, Kudzu configures the device, updates its tables, thats
it.  No reminders that it was configured automatically, and that you,
the user, should go back and double check the settings to ensure that
what Kudzu chose is what you want...

Personally, I see no real problem with what it is doing now...  if it
doesnt get any input, it just goes about its happy way, and I have to
manually configure the device after booting.  Less automatic
assumptions = less chance for nastiness to occur... at least to some

Just my opinion, take it for what its worth...


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