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Re: IBM's RDAC drvier for multipath support.

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, David Aquilina wrote:

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 16:28:22 -0800 (PST), shane stixrud org
<shane stixrud org> wrote:
You can find more info in: RedHat Service Request No. 362830

Arjan doesn't (to the best of my knowledge) have access to the ticketing system used by support.

What is not officially "supported" is converting EXISTING partitions
(such as /boot or / or swap) to a md device.

With all due respect there is very little difference between that statement and not supported. If you have an enterprise customer trying to install 100 blade servers connected to a SAN they will not experience multipath as being a supported solution by RedHat. Doing a full server install on single path, rebooting into recovery mode, resizing the partitions, assembling md[x] devices for every file system / swap partition, change fstab, change grub, building initrd and then reboot seems like a supportable solution to you? RedHat did not seem sure if grub / initrd would even be able to deal with multipathed /boot and/or / partitions has this changed?

What happens when I have to upgrade my RHEL3 server to RHEL4? I am pretty sure this would fail horribly. Let's be serious, the statement "RedHat supports converting existing partitions" is a gross over simplification of the issues. Yes if you want to create a new partition on a live system (as long as its not / or /boot that is) you can use mdadm to create a _multipathed partition_, but thats very different from saying RedHat supports disk subsystem redundancy via multipath which is what 90+% of people interested in multipath need.

It also looks like a
graphical multipathing-with-md setup utility will not be added to
Anaconda in the near future either.

While Anaconda seems like the logical place to solve this issue, I would be happy for any solution RedHat would stand behind as long as it:

a) didn't break anything else
b) does not require a long manual process for building servers.


"Given enough time, all legal battles in the tech industry will invoke the DMCA. This generally means that all constructive arguments have ended."

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