[Octa-list] Octa Deployment Documentation and hypervisor support

Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov
Fri Apr 15 17:02:34 UTC 2011

Henry Robertson <henry at redhat.com> wrote on 04/15/2011 11:08:15 AM:

> In our systems we have used the integrated Cobbler server in
> Satellite 5.4. I would highly recommend doing this first, (even if
> you need to stand up a 2nd server) until you are familiar and
> comfortable with how RHEV+Satellite+Cobbler+Octa operate.

There are several reasons why Satellite will not be part of this
configuration.  Lack of access, network layouts, etc.  So unfortunately its
something we have to figure out anyway.

> Without DNS, you will lose the whole "on-demand" part where you can
> instantly start working with the VMs via hostname. I would recommend
> you ask whoever controls your DNS/Network for a small subnet and a
> zone that you can configure for the VMs.
> i.e. dns zone: devcloud.example.com with a range of
> for your DHCP address.

Our DNS will be pre-configured so that is not a concern for us. We're used
to this work flow.


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