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Henry Robertson henry at redhat.com
Mon Apr 4 13:56:43 UTC 2011

Hi Kaerka,

While it wouldn't take much effort to integrate the Windows VMs (via RHEV templating & DHCP) it does however go against our tenant of not duplicating any RHEV-M standalone functions. If we used something like Cobbler for the Windows system provisioning (i.e. not templates) then I wouldn't have any issues with it. So, for now, I'd recommend just provisioning the new Windows VMs straight from RHEV-M. 


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Aron / Henry, 

I wanted to inquire about the potential of adding support for Windows VMs (Server 2008 / Win7) into Octa? I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult, as RHEV will support them and the load process is similar, and it won't need cobbler integration. 

I'm still reviewing the documentation written up on Octa, but let me know what you guys think? 


Kaerka Phillips 
kbphillips80 at gmail.com 

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