[Octa-list] rhev.list_networks

Henry Robertson henry at redhat.com
Mon Apr 18 13:41:47 UTC 2011

Yes, we recommend using separate networks for RHEV management vs. Networks for VMs. Preferably, separate Ethernet as well.


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So... should you really be skipping rhevm? 


def list_networks(self): 
networks = [] 

(response, status, reason) = self.request('GET', 'networks') 
xml = ElementTree.XML(response) 

for network in xml: 
vm_id = network.attrib['id'] 
name = network.findtext('name') 
description = network.findtext('description') 

# skip the management networks 
if name == 'rhevm' or description == 'Management Network': continue 

networks.append( { 'id' : vm_id, 
'name' : name, 
'description' : description } ) 

return networks 

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