[Octa-list] Rackspace, Azure,AWS instal base

Colleen Edwards colleen.edwards at techinstallinfo.com
Thu Feb 4 19:43:35 UTC 2016



Have u heard of this "Both AWS and Microsoft have again cut prices this
month as competition between the pair rumbles on" so i am curious to know if
you would like to acquire the AWS and MS Azure users email list  from
USA/NA/EMEA/APAC with complete information filed for your Marketing and
Sales initiatives?   


Also we can help you to reach:


.         Rackspace cloud users

.         SoftLayer users

.         vCloud users

.         IBM SmartCloud users

.         HP Cloud users


Please let me know if you would like to receive more information regarding
the commercials of the list.   


Look forward to hear from you.


Best Regards,

Colleen Edwards

Digital Marketing Coordinator 



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