[Octa-list] Dear Partner...

Jean Francois admin-bia at batelco.com
Sun Jan 28 01:04:44 UTC 2018

Dear Partner,

Please consider this mail serious despite the fact that you did not expect it. Hope you are doing well. I am Mr. Jean Francois the Manager of head operations department of our bank (UBA) United Bank Group in Ivory Coast. I discovered a risk-free deal of Five Million Three Hundred Thousand Euro from my department which was left unclaimed as a result of non-existing body. If not these funds are forfeited to the government treasury as unclaimed funds. According to the government after a certain period unless they are claimed or representing by a close relative of the deceased. I wish the funds to be transferred into your bank account or via ATM VISA CARD as a close relative of the deceased client and let us share the deal 50% each if you are interested.

Mr. Jean Francois.

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