[Open-scap] Library debugging and "OpenSCAP Error: Unable to receive a message from probe"

Daniel Kopecek dkopecek at redhat.com
Tue Apr 16 08:16:42 UTC 2013


On 04/15/2013 04:39 PM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Whenever I run 'oscap oval eval' (both from git and from the version
> in Fedora) I get this opaque error message:
>    OpenSCAP Error: Unable to receive a message from probe
> After enabling debugging, the true story seems to be some sort of
> S-expression type incompatibility in the internal protocol.  The real
> error appears to be:
>    (15460:7f8751dd8800) [I:seap-packet.c:476:SEAP_packet_sexp2err] Invalid type of :orig_id value
>    (15460:7f8751dd8800) [I:seap-packet.c:867:SEAP_packet_recv] Invalid SEAP packet received: can't translate to err struct.
I've fixed this in commit c14031d073dea229993a225dd97735d4df430e0a. 
There is still a problem in the textfilecontent54 probe
which incorrectly sets the probe return code to EFATAL. It should either 
set the OVAL message or the error code, not both.
With the fixes included, the oscap tool now reports a more useful message:

OpenSCAP Error: Probe at sd=3 (textfilecontent54) reported an error: 
Unrecoverable error [oval_probe_ext.c:520]

Dan K.

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