[Open-scap] OpenSCAP Error, Missing Library?

Anthony Davis Anthony.Davis at bbc.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 08:38:50 UTC 2013

Hi Shawn,

So I have followed your guide (had actually come across it before) and have done the following:

$ oscap xccdf generate guide \
/tmp/U_RedHat_5-V1R1_STIG_Benchmark-xccdf.xml \
> /tmp/U_RedHat_5-V1R1_STIG_Benchmark.html

The only problem is now, the output doesn't actually contain any information.

for instance you then say to jump to GEN000020, mine only has the following:

1. GEN000020


link | previous | next | up | toc | home

Have i configured something wrong?

Kind Regards


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On 4/17/13 2:26 PM, Anthony Davis wrote:

I am trying to implement OpenSCAP in RHEL 5.8 at the moment and satellite 5.5. I am getting an error and im pretty sure its a missing library due to our very heavily stripped down build. I cant seem to work out what library it is. Can any one offer any help?

Here is the output.

[root at server tmp]# /usr/bin/oscap xccdf eval /tmp/U_RedHat_5-V1R1_STIG_Benchmark-xccdf.xml

Don't forget to use the CPE dicitionary, e.g.:

$ sudo sh -c "oscap xccdf eval --profile MAC-1_Public \
--results stig-xccdf-results.xml \
--report /tmp/`hostname`-stigscanresults-beforeaqueduct.html \
--oval-results \
--cpe-dict /tmp/U_RedHat_5-V1R1_STIG_Benchmark-cpe-dictionary.xml \

I wrote some of this up, maybe you'll find it useful:


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