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[Open-scap] Moving OpenSCAP repository to github


Couple of weeks ago we started this


umbrella organization. An umbrella for all the projects related or build-on-top-of OpenSCAP. The aim was to increase discoverability of the each one project. First we started just as a mirror. But then the component projects slowly moved to github as their primary. The old locations then become mirrors.

The last big move was a scap-security-guide. The project started to use github's pull-requests and in-line comments as their new way of merging patches. There are certain benefits with this approach. The collaboration now has a structure. The conversation is a bit more structured and it is easy to see what pull-requests are still waiting to be merged. The who are just watching (silent participants) now have much more options to keep an eye on the development. I consider, what I saw in SSG being a success.

I would like to take openscap.git may repository to the github as well. Are there any reasons why we should not to move to github? Provided old code location will remain maintained as a mirror.

Thoughts? Questions?

Simon Lukasik
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.

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