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[Open-scap] OpenSCAP 1.2.17

Hello OpenSCAPers,

We are thrilled to announce general availability of OpenSCAP 1.2.17 release.

This is the latest release from maint-1.2 maintenance branch. API/ABI is
fully compatible with 1.2.0 release. Users of 1.2.x releases are
recommended to update.

  - New features
    - HTML Guide user experience improvements
    - New options in HTML report "Group By" menu
    - oscap-ssh supports --oval-results (issue #863)
  - Maintenance
    - Support comparing state record elements with item
    - Updated Bash completion
    - Make Bash role headers consistent with --help output
    - Fixed problems reported by Coverity (issue #909)
    - Fixed CVE schema to support 4 to 7 digits CVEs
    - Fix output of generated bash role missing fix message
    - Fix oscap-docker to clean up temporary image (RHBZ #1454637)
    - Fix Ansible remediations generation
    - Add a newline between ids in xccdf info (issue #968)
    - Fix unknown subtype handling in oval_subtype_parse (issue #986)
    - Outsourced the pthreads feature check and setup
    - Speed up in debug mode
    - Refactored the Python handling in build scripts
    - Prevent reading from host in offline mode (issue #1001)
    - Many probes use OWN offline mode
    - Improve offline mode logic in OVAL probes
    - Do not use chroot in system_info probe
    - Prevent a segfault in oscap_seterr on Solaris
    - Out of tree build is possible
    - Use chroot for RPM probes in offline mode
    - PEP8 accepts lines up to 99 characters
    - New configure parameter --with-oscap-temp-dir (issue #1016)
    - Fixed OVAL record elements namespace and SEXP conversion
    - Removed '\r' characters from help output (issue #1023)
    - Full Python 3 compatibility
    - Removed basic Python implementation of oval_probes.c
    - Added support for Travis CI and Sonar Cloud
    - Minor fixes inspired by Sonar Cloud
    - Added Fedora 29 CPE
    - New tests in upstream test suite (offline mode, Ansible, etc.)

Special thanks to our new contributors Axel Nennker, Nitin Ravindran,
Vincent Batts and Yoon Jean Kim.



Audit, Fix, And Be Merry!

Jan Černý
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
on behalf of OpenSCAP contributors

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