[Ovirt-devel] [RFC] Beginnings of a OVirt API

mark wagner mwagner at redhat.com
Thu Aug 7 01:27:37 UTC 2008

David Lutterkort wrote:
> Here are a few patches that implement the beginnings of an API for
> OVirt. They cover handling hosts and storage and hardware pools so
> far. This patch is mostly meant for discussion, since there's still a few
> things that need to be tweaked.

>   * Where's the CLI ?
>     I intended to accompany this with a nice clean CLI client that you can
>     use for lots of things. Even with the current subset of the API, there
>     are lots of interesting queries and actions one could perform, even
>     with the current subset of the API. I'd like to avoid offering a
>     million options from the CLI though. If anybody has pressing needs for
>     CLI functionality, let me know, otherwise, I'll start making stuff up.
>     Especially for querying, it's questionable if CLI access to query
>     functionality is useful at all - if you want to see all the hosts in
>     hardware pool 7, you can just
>       wget http://management.priv.ovirt.org:3000/ovirt/rest/hardware_pools/7/hosts
>     and get a nice XML document.
>     Is there a need for a CLI client for interactive use that lets you
>     avoid using a browser ? Not sure how important that is.

I believe that a lot of admin work tends to be performed via scripts. bash
and perl are two that I use.  I would think that adding new equipment to pools
or moving stuff between pools would be done via scripts quicker than via the wui,
especially when done in bulk.

In addition, I can envision admins writing scripts to respond to events / alerts.
Resources on hostX are running out, migrate vm-Y to hostA


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