[Ovirt-devel] Re: Fix behavior when adding/removing 1st/last item in a flexigrid.

Darryl L. Pierce dpierce at redhat.com
Mon Aug 25 18:43:32 UTC 2008

+++ Jason Guiditta [25/08/08 13:37 -0400]:
>For instance, adding a host when there were none before should make
>the flexigrid appear, and removing the last host from a list of one
>should make the default 'no hosts exist' content show again.
>The bulk of the work is in ovirt.js, checking for existance of a grid
>and adding it if not there.  Individual delete methods reload the the
>tab as well, since the flexReload does not seem to provide a callback
>interface.  The problem here is if you don't check after reload is done,
>your information will not be correct (since javascript is single-threaded,
>and continues to run after reload is called), so you could have the wrong
>number of items being used to determine whether the grid needs to be removed.
>The potential weak part of tab reload right now is that we do not save state
>of what page of the grid you are on.  However, this may not be known
>anyway, as you are removing an indeterminant number of entries from the grid.
>Also included are a few added semicolons.  These are required by javascript,
>though not by browser interpreters.  However, this sometimes causes erratic
>behavior when the browser has to guess (I hit this working on this patch), so
>I fixed any I came across in the course of my work.  This will also help when
>we are ready to minimize/pack our js, as most compressors work more reliably
>when correct syntax is followed.  One missed sizing of a popup is included as
>well (too trivial to go in its own patch).
>Signed-off-by: Jason Guiditta <jguiditt at redhat.com>


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