[Ovirt-devel] 0.92-1 oVirt Release

Perry N. Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Wed Aug 27 18:28:33 UTC 2008

The oVirt development team is pleased to announce the 0.92-1 release of 
both the oVirt Node and oVirt Server Suite.

There are a lot of new features in this release, including:
* Support for migration of guests from one node to another, including the
   ability to clear all of the running guests from a node.
* Support for provisioning guests with Linux OSes (Windows provisioning is
   still in the works)
* The oVirt Appliance has been restructured so that the 'developer' and
   'bundled' appliance are the same.  The appliance can be used to manage
   both 'fake' oVirt Nodes and real hardware.
* The oVirt Node can now be installed via kernel command line parameters
   to local hard or USB disks
* Serial consoles are exposed on both oVirt Nodes and their guests
* General UI improvements and bugfixes
* Ability to search in the UI

The new appliance can be downloaded at:

Instructions for using the appliance and for building your own appliance 
from our git repository are available at:

Please download and try it out.  Let us know via the mailing list or IRC 
if you have any suggestions for enhancements or feedback on what we've 
implemented so far.

Also, bugs can be filed on the oVirt project at links provided on:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to oVirt for this release!

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