[Ovirt-devel] Re: Configurable options for a Nic

Scott Seago sseago at redhat.com
Wed Aug 27 18:50:05 UTC 2008

Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
> +++ Scott Seago [27/08/08 14:19 -0400]:
>>> So, in order to prefill a NIC, we'll need a "New" button on this 
>>> page  as well
>>> as the ability to edit and verify the mac address, yes? Should we 
>>> be  able to
>>> edit the other macs?
>> Well the 'new host' form would be a bit of a special case. We'd only 
>> be  able to fill in the MAC address for the management nic -- 
>> everything  else would be blank (not sure about hostname, as I 
>> believe we'd need  something there...) 
> There's no hostname column in nics: that's in hosts. Unless that's 
> what you
> were referring to.
Yes that's what I mean. Before bringing a host online, we would 
"pre-identify" it with the management nic -- creating the host object + 
1 NIC object in the db. host-browser would fill in the rest when the 
node first boots up.
>> So that wouldn't come up on this form. In fact, I  don't imagine 
>> you'd be able to edit the usage type -- unless the WUI is  the place 
>> to redefine the management nic, etc. I'm not sure what the use  case 
>> is for editing this field or adding/removing NICs or editing MACs.
> Yeah, given that we can't control which NIC is the management one on the
> machine, does it even make sense to have that in the DB at all?
Well we need to know this in order to show the mac address/other NIC 
info in the host summary list -- at least that's the idea I got from the 
IRC discussion last week.


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