[Ovirt-devel] oVirt console (again!)

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Thu Nov 6 17:01:18 UTC 2008

Previous discussion:

Back to the oVirt console issue.

So far we've look at:

 (1) A Gtk-based VNC browser plugin.  Unfortunately we couldn't
     make this stable enough for real production use.

 (2) Launching an external program such as virt-viewer from a browser
     plugin.  This works, but it's a security issue, and we can't use
     a Gtk dialog to get around the warning issue because of (1).

 (3) Running virt-viewer or viagre as separate, standalone programs.
     This works, but requires the user to type in some very long
     and complicated command line by hand, and there are unresolved
     authentication problems.

We are now in a state where we have a working virt-viewer binary for
Windows.  Vinagre is not far off.  And we know pretty well how to
write C / Gtk programs which cross-compile and run under Windows

On the call today we discussed:

 (4) Write a custom C/Gtk/Gtk-VNC Windows program which contacts the
     oVirt WUI to do authentication, get available consoles, and
     launch a Gtk-VNC widget with the appropriate tunnelling
     (openssh.exe based?).



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