[Ovirt-devel] problem installing the appliance

sylvain.desbureaux at orange-ftgroup.com sylvain.desbureaux at orange-ftgroup.com
Fri Nov 7 10:43:11 UTC 2008

Hi all,
First of all, I apologize if it's not the right place to send questions about overt but this is the only mailing list I see.

I've just installed ovirt-appliance 0.95.1 on fedora core 9 (not that easy because I have my own dhcp server). After the installation, I can connect to the web server but the authentication fail (http error_log says it doesn't find any KDC). Except some trick on the hypervisor to make the appliance running (stopping iptables and ip6tables, creating a new script for putting the appliance tap on the good bridge), the install is a stock one. I've took a look à ipa.conf, krdc5.conf... but I don't see where is the problem. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,

Sylvain Desbureaux
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