[Ovirt-devel] 0.95 oVirt Release

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Fri Nov 7 16:56:12 UTC 2008

The oVirt development team is pleased to announce the 0.95 release of
both the oVirt Node and oVirt Server Suite.

New features in this release include:

oVirt Node:
* Stateful Node http://ovirt.org/page/Node_Stateful
   - for running VMs on the ovirt-appliance host
* libvirt-qpid agent added in Node image
* ovirt-node-selinux SELinux policy for iSCSI block devices
* support non-sdX block devices like cciss for Node local disk
* improved configuration processing to remove the need for scripts
* minor bugfixes and build process improvements

oVirt Server Suite:
* Upgraded to Rails 2.1.1
* Added a flash chart written in flex framework to summary pages.
* Added support for booting a VM from an ISO image.
* In the VM list and details pane, added a field to show what host a VM is
   running on.
* Updated tree navigation to use a new underlying implementation and to
   better integrate Smart Pools into the navigation panel.
* Various bug fixes including VM 'destroy' action validation, 'move'
   dialog fixes, and some host-browser issues.
* Added Network model and refactored existing VM and Node implementation
   to make use of the more flexible infrastructure
* Some additional node network config enhancements
* More flexchart enhanceents, including tooltips, y-axis labels, and
* Added ruby qpid demo
* Integrated smart pools into search results as well as other
   flexigrid-based views.
* Redesigned the tree widget code to make it pluggable.
* Some of the model-level implementation for LVM support is in place, but
   actual LVM UI and actions will be in a later release
* various bug fixes, including smart pool errors, tab navigation, cobbler
   system deletion

Instructions for configuring yum to point to the ovirt.org repository:

Instructions for using the Appliance and Nodes:

Please download and try it out.  Let us know via the mailing list or IRC
if you have any suggestions for enhancements or feedback on what we've
implemented so far.

Also, bugs can be filed on the oVirt project at links provided on:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to oVirt for this release!

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