[Ovirt-devel] Re: [PATCH appliance] Move appliance creation out of spec file to Makefile

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Tue Nov 11 17:59:06 UTC 2008

Alan Pevec wrote:
> David Huff wrote:
>> Perry Myers wrote:
>>> The appliance-creator RPM is now just used to store the
>>> create-ovirt-appliance script and contains dependencies for
>>> installing and running the appliance.
>>> The appliance is also modified to be packaged in zip format.
>>> Qcow2 format for the disks is used until appliance-tools support
>>> tar.
>> new build that adds tar support is available in koji however is not 
>> available in updates repos as of yet.
> Thanks David! I've uploaded appliance-tools-002-5 to ovirt.org YUM repo, 
> I'll remove it when Fedora bodhi/mirrors catch up.

Hmm.  My patch uses zip as the packaging format and qcow as the disk 
format since that's all appliance-creator supported at the time.

Now that we have tar (gz/bz2) what format should we settle on?  I'd rather 
get this right the first time than patch to use zip and then later change.


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