[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] Series to simplify the appliance and appliance creation scripts

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Fri Nov 14 22:06:52 UTC 2008

These 4 patches need to be applied together.
[PATCH recipe] Changes to support removal of second network interface on the appliance
[PATCH appliance] Create separate data disk for storing iSCSI and NFS for appliance
[PATCH appliance] Move appliance creation out of spec file to Makefile
[PATCH appliance] Refactor the create-ovirt-appliance script into several scripts

The end results are:
1. an appliance that only has a single network interface
2. appliance has a separate data disk for storing NFS and iSCSI sparse images
3. appliance is no longer packaged inside of an RPM, instead it is packaged
   as qcow2 disk images w/ helper scripts and virt-image XML in a tarball
4. ovirt-appliance RPM still exists but is just used to hold the helper scripts
   so that the process for downloading the appliance on a Fedora system would be
     # yum install ovirt-appliance
     # get-ovirt-appliance
     # create-ovirt-network
     # create-ovirt-nodes
     # create-ovirt-appliance
   get-ovirt-appliance retrieves the appliance image from the ovirt.org server
   or from a local directory (see -l parameter).  create-ovirt-network sets
   up either a self contained network for fake nodes or bridges to specified
   interface with -e parameter.  create-ovirt-appliance just creates the 
   appliance from the virt-image XML definition and optionally starts and
   connects to its serial console.  create-ovirt-nodes creates the fake nodes;
   this step is optional.

Splitting out the functionality into several files will make debugging issues
easier (in the past our one script to do it all caused problems when someone
-just- wanted to redefine the appliance but not the network, or just create
fake nodes separately).  And the change in packaging helps non-RPM based
systems download and use the appliance easier and decreases build time by
several minutes...

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