[Ovirt-devel] Questions on the Server Suite UI

Scott Seago sseago at redhat.com
Mon Nov 17 16:10:58 UTC 2008

Bryan Kearney wrote:
> Below are a couple of functional question on the UI having installed 
> it, and reviewed version .6 of the docs. I realize the answer may be 
> "in an upcoming release", but I wanted to at least throw it out:
> 1) Can I set quotas at the VM pool level, or are they only inherited 
> from the hardware pool?
Yes -- in fact the VM pool is the primary usage of quotas. At the 
hardware pool level, quotas are only meaningful as 'default' values 
inherited by VM pools that don't specify quotas.
> 2) Are there plans to support moving vm pools between hardware pools?
Not at the moment.
> 3) Can I move a storage server from one pool to another if it is being 
> used? If not, where do I see the information about where it is being used?
Right now we don't have validation in the UI to prevent this, but this 
validation must be put in -- otherwise you'll end up with VMs that are 
attached to storage that they shouldn't have access to.
In addition we don't show this anywhere in the UI now, but we do need to 
show what storage a VM currently uses, and what VM a storage volume is 
currently attached to in their respective details panes.
> 4) In the appliance setup, is there a ui path to add users to LDAP?
As far as I know the only way to do this is via the IPA web UI or other 
IPA APIs. Although we are creating the ovirtadmin user, so it probably 
wouldn't be hard to use whatever API this uses to include other users as 
> 5) In the docs it says that a user is defined at the Hardware / VM 
> pool level and can not be moved. But, I assume that a person can have 
> access to many hardware or VM pools. Is that accurate?
Sounds like the wording is a bit off there. Here's what's going on:
1) users aren't created in the ovirt WUI but in IPA
2) for any hardware or VM pool, users can be granted access (user/admin/etc)
3) when a user has access to a  pool, he can access that pool and any 
pool below it (i.e. if a user can access a HW pool, that user can access 
all sub-HW pools and VM pools within it -- the admin user who can access 
the 'default' pool at top can access all pools
4) there are no limits on how many pools a user can be granted access to
5) but no, there isn't a way to transfer a user permission to another 
pool, since all that would mean would be that you're granting access in 
one place and revoking it elsewhere.
> 6) What is a SmartPool?
It's just a fancy way of referring to tagging. I didn't come up with the 
name :-)

But anyway basically a user can create a smart pool and "add" (i.e. tag) 
any number of hosts, vms, HW/VM pools, storage pools to it -- and these 
items will all show up together on that smart pool's page -- eventually 
with nice summary graphs too.

But adding something to a smart pool doesn't change the underlying 
pool/permissions/access/etc -- it really is just tagging.
> Couple of UI RFEs:
> - Given the richness of the UI, I keep expecting a right click context 
> menu. Especially in the tree nav.
> - When creating a VM, a refresh button would be nice. Unless you have 
> push to the client.
Yes, certainly on the latter point we've discussed it -- we do want some 
form of client push eventually, but in the interim some sort of 'refresh 
this view/tab/details pane/etc' action would be useful.
> -- bk

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