[Ovirt-devel] issue w/ fake nodes on Fedora 10

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Thu Nov 20 03:58:48 UTC 2008


ovirt-identify-node sends the hardware UUID to the ovirt-server as part of 
the startup process.  On F10 it looks like the fake nodes that run in kvm 
have an empty UUID that causes the server to fail because it's expecting a 
parameter there.

> [root at node3 ~]# lshal | grep uuid
>   system.hardware.uuid = ''  (string)

Do we rely on UUID for anything or is it just purely an informational 
parameter?  If we don't rely on it for anything we should accept a blank 
string as valid input.  If we are relying on it, we should reconsider perhaps.


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