[Ovirt-devel] FreeIPA question

Konstantin Kozlov kozlov at spbcas.ru
Thu Nov 20 12:39:38 UTC 2008


I'am really glad that the thing like oVirt is available!

I have a couple of questions for which I haven't found the answers on 
the site:

I've recently installed FreeIPA, is it possible to use that installation 
with oVirt?

Do I need to run the management node on the KVM capable host? I have a 
Pentium 3 machine running FreeIPA server and I thought to install oVirt 
management tools there, is it possible, maybe by manual configuration?

Will I be able to run WinXP on Nodes?

Will I be able to run Mac OS X on Nodes?

Thank you in advance,


Konstantin Kozlov
Department of Computational Biology,
Center for Advanced Studies,
SPb State Polytechnical University,
195251, Polytechnicheskaya ul., 29,
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