[Ovirt-devel] ovirt-node build process?

David Huff dhuff at redhat.com
Thu Nov 20 13:44:56 UTC 2008

So I have been playing around with the ovirt build process as describied 
on the web site[1].  I have been specifically Looking at the the 
oviert-node-image build process, focusing on how the image is build and 
how we can add srpm iso creation to the process.  I have made some 
progress with pungi as a stop gap however I have some questions.

How is rel-eng going to build the image?  Are they going to follow a 
similar procedure to what is on the web site or a custom procedure?(The 
ADK  would be nice here).  If they are going to use the ovirt-relase 
Make file, can't they just use make src-tar? (which is broken on f10) or 
do we want to add a $(Package).source take in the node-image make file 
(this is the path I was going down)?



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