[Ovirt-devel] Re: [PATCH recipe] Switched console tty0 and ttyS0 so that serial console works properly in F10

Alan Pevec apevec at redhat.com
Fri Nov 21 23:49:09 UTC 2008

Perry Myers wrote:
> Ian Main wrote:
>> I haven't tried this on f10 yet, but I know on f9 it won't work.  The
>> last console becomes /dev/console so on machines with no serial port
>> it'll bail on boot.  There's a slight possibility that it got changed
>> in f10 but I don't have an f10 machine yet to test with.  I'll try to
>> remedy that shortly however.  Also I would think that you could try
>> disabling the serial ports in the bios to test this.
>> I'll try to test this afternoon.. sounds like Alan is getting patches
>> in place to build f10 on f9 machine.
> I should have put a note in the commit msg... I did try this on F10 and 
> it works fine on a machine with no serial port.  Tested by creating a 
> fake node with no serial ports on it and seemed to work.
> So I think perhaps w/ F10 this may be ok.
> After you build an F10 node via Alan's scripts give it a shot.

so it turns out building F10 image on F9 host won't work b/c of selinux differences, semodule install fails in chroot b/c it expects something not present in active selinux policy and there can be only one active...
Disabling selinux in ks produces bootable F10 image, but then I hit weird problem: in standalone config setup selection doesn't accept Enter... Anyone seen that with F10-on-F10 builds?

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