[Ovirt-devel] Problems with db:migrate

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Sun Nov 23 13:48:13 UTC 2008

     I don't have time (nor do I have the knowledge) to track this down, but I
thought I would send mail to the list so I remember, and someone can look at
this.  As far as I can tell, doing:

# cd /usr/share/ovirt-server ; rake db:migrate

doesn't work anymore (this is on a freshly built appliance as of today).  When I
first try it, I get an error saying that the database ovirt_development doesn't
exist.  Odd, but OK, I created the ovirt_development database by hand.  Once
that is done, the above command does succeed, but it doesn't migrate the
production database; it only migrates the ovirt_development database, which, of
course, is no good.  If someone could look into this, I would appreciate it; my
standard workflow involves migrating older databases to newer ones, so this has
caused me some problems.

Chris Lalancette

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