[Ovirt-devel] FYI; increased the appliance / size

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Tue Nov 25 14:53:29 UTC 2008

Chris Lalancette wrote:
> All,
>      Just a quick heads up that I updated the / filesystem on the
> ovirt-appliance from 2000MB to 5000MB.  With 2000MB, it's basically impossible
> to develop on, since there is no room for additional packages.  Kicking it up to
> 5000MB leaves the additional room, at a cost of 100MB in the uncompressed image
> size, and 1.2MB in the compressed image size.  In my opinion, that's completely
> worth it to avoid the headaches I'm having right now to find space.

That's fine by me...  Btw, switching the rootfs disk (sda) to 2GB was my 
doing and it was for the following reason...

Before the appliance-tools folks added tar/tar.bz2 support into 
appliance-creator they only supported zip as a packaging format.  And our 
original thought was to use raw/zip for appliances.  This was problematic 
since zip has a file size limit of 2GB per file.  So I made the sda image 
as small as I could get it to fit it into those constraints.

However, all of that was blown out of the water by the fact that we wanted 
a 20GB data disk that was easier to create during appliance-creation 
rather than afterwords...  I just never remembered to toggle sda back to 
something larger.  So in the end we are using qcow2/tar.bz2 as the 
packaging format.


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