[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH]: Add NFS file creation/deletion to taskomatic

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Tue Nov 25 20:05:47 UTC 2008

     Attached is a patch to implement NFS file creation/deletion in the
taskomatic back-end.  Actually, this patch does quite a bit more than that:

1)  Implement NFS file creation/deletion
2)  Fix LVM creation - due to the way I was testing, there was a glaring bug in
the implementation that caused it not to work at all on new, raw LUNs
3)  Make sure to flip the Pool and Volume states to "available", once things are

With this patch in place, along with a minor patch to libvirt (updated packages
coming soon), I was able to successfully create and delete LVM volumes, NFS
files, and then use those newly created LUNs/files in a guest.

Caveat: note that NFS file creation can take a *long* time.  Basically, we fully
allocate the file at creation time, which means we have to write the entire disk
full of zeros.  During this time, both libvirtd (on the remote node) and
taskomatic can't accept any more tasks.  This will eventually be fixed by a)
making libvirtd multithreaded, and b) making taskomatic fully threaded.

Finally: with this in place, a couple of problems come to light.  One is that we
probably want to give users the ability to choose a sparse file vs. a non-sparse
file (but that's a minor change in the frontend and in taskomatic).  The second
is much more complicated and important; namely, that we need users to be able to
assign /dev/sda to iSCSI LUN 3, /dev/sdb to NFS file 2, etc.  At the *very*
least we need users to be able to specify which device is the root device.  In
any case, this is future work.

Signed-off-by: Chris Lalancette <clalance at redhat.com>
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