[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH]: Add NFS file creation/deletion to taskomatic

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Wed Nov 26 15:56:58 UTC 2008

Chris Lalancette wrote:
> All,
>      Attached is a patch to implement NFS file creation/deletion in the
> taskomatic back-end.  Actually, this patch does quite a bit more than that:
> 1)  Implement NFS file creation/deletion
> 2)  Fix LVM creation - due to the way I was testing, there was a glaring bug in
> the implementation that caused it not to work at all on new, raw LUNs
> 3)  Make sure to flip the Pool and Volume states to "available", once things are
> available.
> With this patch in place, along with a minor patch to libvirt (updated packages
> coming soon), I was able to successfully create and delete LVM volumes, NFS
> files, and then use those newly created LUNs/files in a guest.
> Caveat: note that NFS file creation can take a *long* time.  Basically, we fully
> allocate the file at creation time, which means we have to write the entire disk
> full of zeros.  During this time, both libvirtd (on the remote node) and
> taskomatic can't accept any more tasks.  This will eventually be fixed by a)
> making libvirtd multithreaded, and b) making taskomatic fully threaded.
> Finally: with this in place, a couple of problems come to light.  One is that we
> probably want to give users the ability to choose a sparse file vs. a non-sparse
> file (but that's a minor change in the frontend and in taskomatic).  The second
> is much more complicated and important; namely, that we need users to be able to
> assign /dev/sda to iSCSI LUN 3, /dev/sdb to NFS file 2, etc.  At the *very*
> least we need users to be able to specify which device is the root device.  In
> any case, this is future work.

Updated patch, that addresses Scott's review comments.  There is also a small
bug fix in here where I choose hosts that are available and not disabled for
storage scanning, rather than any random host.

Signed-off-by: Chris Lalancette <clalance at redhat.com>
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