[Ovirt-devel] The way of migration on oVirt WebUI

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Tue Sep 2 11:47:41 UTC 2008

Naoya Terashima wrote:
> Hi
> I'd like to do migration using oVirt WebUI(oVirt 0.91-1).
> Please let me know the how or useful page about it.

Migration is not supported in 0.91-1.  You'll have to upgrade to 0.92 to get
that functionality.  Assuming you do upgrade, there are a couple of different
ways to migrate:

1) In an individual VM details pane, you can say "migrate to another host".
This will migrate this VM to another suitable host.

2) In the Host pane, you can say "Clear Host", which basically means "Clear all
running VMs off of this host, and don't put any more on here".  The idea is that
maybe you want to take a particular host down for maintenance.

Chris Lalancette

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