[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] initial push of smart pool code. (revised)

Scott Seago sseago at redhat.com
Fri Sep 5 14:28:20 UTC 2008

Mohammed Morsi wrote:
> Post-push comment: I feel that this is going to break alot of test cases
> / the test suite as the pool test fixtures are now invalid (eg they
> don't contain the correct top-level pool heirarchy) and changing these
> means we will need to change alot of the validations in the test suite
> (unfortunately due to previous problems with the build system and the
> new repo setup this is hard to validate currently). Perhaps we can work
> together in the near future to refix this.
>     -Mo

Sure, no problem.

 I pushed that a bit before it was ready due to the repo refactoring -- 
I just made sure it didn't break the WUI, but otherwise:
1) it's still not complete (i.e. smart pools still don't have any UI)
2) as you mention, it probably breaks tests too

So we need to get the tests in order now.


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