[Ovirt-devel] oVirt Source Repository Refactoring

Perry N. Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Tue Sep 9 18:17:51 UTC 2008

Ben Guthro wrote:
> I am curious about one new quirk, however...
> It seems that my /dev/loopX is being left mounted at the end of the build.
> Is that intentional, or an oversight?

That is a bug in livecd-tools that I have seen but have never been able to 
track down...

What should happen is when livecd-tools finishes making a livecd image it 
should tear down all of the loop filesystems and return the system to 
normal.  But sometimes it doesn't do that, and I've yet to figure out why.

One thing that I *think* causes it is if you abort a livecd creation in 
the middle.  But that's just speculation.

I do believe there is an open bug against this behavior, btw.

cc'ing Jeremy on this in case he has any insights.


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