[Ovirt-devel] oVirt Source Repository Refactoring

Ben Guthro bguthro at virtualiron.com
Tue Sep 9 20:58:52 UTC 2008

It would seem this has nothing to do with root vs non-root - as I get 
the same behaviour either way.

Am I missing a build step?

Ben Guthro wrote on 09/09/2008 04:41 PM:
> Hmm... I have not seen it clean up properly yet, since the repo split.
> However - it was at that time I started to execute this not as root, 
> but as a user with sudo access, and no password.
> After every build, I have to do a
> sudo umount /dev/loop0
> losetup -d /dev/loop0
> to clean up
> log attached (excerpt from a larger build)
> Alan Pevec wrote on 09/09/2008 04:03 PM:
>> Ben Guthro wrote:
>>> I am curious about one new quirk, however...
>>> It seems that my /dev/loopX is being left mounted at the end of the 
>>> build.
>>> Is that intentional, or an oversight?
>> If all finished cleanly, loop device should be detached by livecd 
>> cleanup.
>> Please email me the build log when that happened, if you have it 
>> captured.
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