[Ovirt-devel] Re: NIC Bonding and Failover

Darryl L. Pierce dpierce at redhat.com
Thu Sep 11 15:11:32 UTC 2008

+++ Daniel P. Berrange [11/09/08 15:53 +0100]:
>> To configure a node for bonding/failover/load balancing on the server, the
>> admin has to set a bonding type for the node. The choices are:
>> 1. Load Balancing 
>> 2. Failover
>> 3. Broadcast
>> 4. Link Aggregation
>> Only one type can be set per-node. 
>Is that a limitation of the linux bonding driver, or an explicit design
>choice ?
>If I have a system with lots of NICs I could imagine that the storage
>LAN might want a different bonding config from the guest LAN, from
>the management LAN.  Then again you could argue that in that case 
>you can just set 2 pairs for each LAN all in Link Aggregation, which
>effectively gives you load balancing/failover  upon failure anyway.

It was a design choice on my part to keep things simple initially. The way
things are configured currently we a single relationship of a host to a
bonding strategy. But it wouldn't be difficult to enhance that down the road
to allow multiple bonding strategies.

>> The user will then be able to select two or more NICs on that node and
>> enslave them to a bonded interface. To do that, they will:
>> 1. create a bonded interface and give it a name and an interface name
>> 2. select two or more NICs and associate them with the bonded interface
>> The next time the node boots, it will load the bonding module and pass in 
>> the
>> appropriate mode for the bonding type selected.
>> Questions?
>Don't forget that we need to add briding ontop of that if the bonded pair
>is to be used for the guest LAN. Potentially also bridges ontop of VLANs 
>ontop of bonds.

Good point. That's still in the nics model, so when the augtool portion is
generated and there's a nic with a bridge then it's included.

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