[Ovirt-devel] Configuration NICs

Perry N. Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Fri Sep 12 18:56:51 UTC 2008

Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
> In order to configure a NIC and also use bonding/fail-over, we need a 
> way to:
> 1. associate one or more BondingType objects to the Host via the Bonding
> class.

Should we model this by associating a BondingType to a set of NICs rather 
than a Host?  I know initially we're only going to support on BondingType 
per Host as to simplify things, but it might make sense to structure the 
data model to make it easier to transition to the more flexible approach.

For the time being we can make the restriction that once you're created 
one set of bonded interfaces and have selected Type X for those interfaces 
that all other interfaces on the Host can only use type X.  That's a 
simple restriction in the UI that doesn't affect the data model.

> 2. associate which of the Host's Nic objects will be a part of each Bonding
> object.
> 3. set the ip address, netmask, etc. for a Nic that's not enslaved.

Or allow DHCP, right?

> Here's a crude ASCII of what I"m thinking.
>  [ Select a bonding type v ] [ Add ]
>  Bonded interface alias: _bond0_____________________  [ Remove ]_
>   Bonded interface name: _ovbond0____________________
>  Network Interfaces:
>                                                            00:11:22 [ ] 
> Enslave to ovbond0    IP Address: _______ Netmask: ____ |
>  11:22:33 [X] Enslaved to ovbond0
>  22:33:44 [X] Enslaved to ovbond0
>  [ Save Changes ]
> 1. The user selects a bonding type and clicks "Add". The bonded interface
> fields are displayed.
> 2. The user clicks "Remove" to destroy the interface. When that happens, 
> any
> enslaved Nic is released but not destroyed.
> 3. If the user clicks the checkbox to enslave an interface then the IP
> address and netmask fields go away.

So is this a UI that appears on an 'Edit Node' page?  How does the user 
get to this page?  And how would it look if there were multiple Bond 
objects?  (i.e. is Bonded Interface Alias a drop down list?)

What about configuring the IP addresses statically for interfaces that are 
not bonded?

As an aside, we should probably allow interfaces to be 'labeled'.  i.e. 
For each Interface object associate a label that can be used by a hardware 
Admin to know what physical network that interface is attached to.

Interface with MAC 11:22:33:44:55:66 is on "LAN A"

Or something like that.  Bonded interfaces all need to be on the same 
physical network (so have the same label) and the Label associated with a 
set of bonded interfaces is the same as the underlying interfaces.


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