[Ovirt-devel] Re: Configuration NICs

Darryl L. Pierce dpierce at redhat.com
Fri Sep 12 19:56:45 UTC 2008

+++ Perry N. Myers [12/09/08 15:28 -0400]:
>> The relationship between Host and Bonding is a one-to-many, so we're  
>> already
>> able to do the multiple Bondings. I don't want to do the relationship from
>> the Host to the Bonding through the Nic though 'cause that's not a natural
>> way of thinking about it to me; i.e., the Bonding is an aspect of the  
>> Host so
>> it should be hung there.
> Ok.  So initially a Host can have multiple Bondings and each Bonding on a 
> Host must have the same BondingType.  Eventually we'll support multiple  
> Bondings on each host with independent BondingTypes.  This right?

We won't need to change the model at all: we support multiple bondings right
now. The limitation is just in the user interface design. But if Tim can do a
design taking those multiples into consideration, we won't need to change any
of the backend code I've written for the server.

>>> Or something like that.  Bonded interfaces all need to be on the same 
>>>  physical network (so have the same label) and the Label associated  
>>> with a set of bonded interfaces is the same as the underlying 
>>> interfaces.
>> For the bondings that would be the alias. For the nics we could have a  
>> field
>> next to each mac address where the admin could enter an alias for that and
>> have it persisted.
> Well, the alias should be a rollup of the labels for the bonded  
> interfaces.  i.e. if you have 2 NICs bonded and each of them are labelled 
> "LAN A" the alias for the bond should also be LAN A

Ah, okay, I see what you're saying. Not a problem. We can get the alias from
the Bonding pretty easily through the Nic.

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