[Ovirt-devel] Cannot build oVirt 0.9.4

David Huff dhuff at redhat.com
Mon Sep 29 16:54:02 UTC 2008

Perry N. Myers wrote:
> Hi.  We use the appliance-tools provided by the thincrust.net site. 
> They have done a bit of package refactoring and moved the kickstart file
> (base-pkgs.ks) to a new aos package.  However, this package has not yet
> made its way into Fedora updates.
> The thincrust folks will be providing us a package shortly that should
> work out this dependency.  I've cc'd Bryan of the thincrust team in case
> there are other questions/issues.
> Thanks,
> Perry

First version of this rpm is available as a scratch build for testing
and comments, this rpm puts the main ks files in /usr/share/appliance-os
   and the included files in /usr/share/appliance-os/includes




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