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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Trouble on loading the VM onto the node

Naoya Terashima wrote:

I felt relieved to hear VM is running within one of three node.
Thank you.
But how can I find out which node VM in running on?
I logged in every node to see if which has VM but I couldn't find out.
Every node I logged in didn't seemd to have VM.
Sorry for my repetitious question but please teach me how to find out
which node has VM.

Right now the web UI does not expose which host is running a particular VM (note to self, we should add this).

So the best way to tell if a VM is running on a particular node is to use the virsh list command as follows:

From the host running the ovirt-appliance:
# virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list

Use the IP address of the node you want to check. node3 is 50.3, node4 is 50.4, etc...

If you get errors about known_hosts having offending keys, prune the known_hosts file first:
# ssh-keygen -R
# ssh-keygen -R node3.priv.ovirt.org

(This is because the node generates a new ssh key on each boot. This is something we haven't cleaned up yet)

If you don't see your vm name listed in one of the virsh list commands it means the VM is not running on any node. If the UI says it's running, but virsh list doesn't confirm it, this is probably a bug. If this is the case, please send us the log files in /var/log/ovirt-wui from the appliance as they may help us figure out what is not working properly.



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