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[Ovirt-devel] Re: initial push of smart pool code. (revised)

+++ Scott Seago [03/09/08 12:12 -0400]:
This isn't complete, but I want to get it committed before the repo refactoring. This patch includes the controller refactoring needed for adding the new smart pool controllers, but I have not yet added any code to the new controllers. The models are in place for smart pools, but they aren't used anywhere yet. In addition, I've added a new DirectoryPool pool type that is used solely as a placeholder -- so  that we can have a common root for all hardware and smart pools, and that we can organize smart pools by user.

Since we need this pushed before the repo refactoring, this patch should be acked if it doesn't break anything. Separate review comments are, of course, welcome -- but anything that doesn't break the WUI will be fixed in a subsequent (post-repo-reorg) patch)

ACK. The revised patch doesn't break any functionality tested.

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