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Re: [Ovirt-devel] custom libvirt in ovirt?

Ben Guthro wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking into experimenting with oVirt, to use it as a test platform
> for some of the work we're planning on doing with libvirt.
> As such - I would like to use a custom built rpm for this build, rather
> than the one from f9, or ovirt.org
> Is there a recommended way to integrate a custom package into the build
> - or am I going to have to invent something to do this?

It's pretty easy; the only thing you really have to do is make sure your custom
libvirt rpm has a number greater than the one in the ovirt repo, and then add
your repo to common/repos.ks.in before you run build-all.  Then the automatic
yum dependency stuff will pick it up.

Be aware; we are carrying some custom patches in the ovirt.org libvirt, so if
you use your own, certain things won't work (migration, in particular).

Chris Lalancette

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