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[Ovirt-devel] Re: NIC bonding and failover...

+++ Neil Wilson [07/09/08 10:10 +0100]:
I would certainly suggest support for the Link Aggregation Control
Protocal - LACP (which is mode 4 on the binding driver IIRC) for those
cards and switches that support it. It makes the entire process
completely automatic, very standard and link efficient.

Only if that trunking fails (such as when there is no miimon or no
LACP upstream switch) would I fall back to the more manual mechanisms.

LACP is PXE for trunking and is supported on very cost effective
switches. (HP 1800 8G for example).

Good suggestion. I've added that as a fourth option for how to bond the
interfaces, so it currently has:

Load Balanced    (mode=2)
Failover         (mode=1)
Broadcasting     (mode=3)
Link Aggregation (mode=4)

The mode is used by the future configuration controller when specifying how
to load the kernel model.
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